Treating Your Child’s Urinary Tract Stones

Urinary tract stones can be very painful, affecting everyday life for your family. Our goal is to improve quality of life for your family. That's why Cincinnati Children's offers one of the few dedicated pediatric kidney stone centers in the country. Our renowned specialists tailor their care to the unique needs of your child’s complex stone conditions.

The Stone Center at Cincinnati Children’s

Urinary tract stones can be a one-time episode or a chronic condition that requires ongoing treatment. The Stone Center combines the expertise of team members across seven specialties to create a unique treatment plan for your child. We focus on prevention, working to improve quality of life and reduce the recurrence of stones for your child.

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Expertise

Experience matters, and you want your child to receive the best possible care. In 2015, over a hundred patients were treated at our Stone Center.

The Stone Center is a national leader in treating children with recurring and chronic urinary stone conditions. We are committed to improving outcomes not only for patients at our own institution, but also for children everywhere.

Genetic Testing and Counseling

A tendency to form kidney stones can be genetic (inherited). For instance, about half the time, a child with hypercalciuria (high urine calcium levels that may lead to kidney stones) has family members with a history of kidney stones.

Your family will receive top-notch advice as well as the testing and education needed to manage a stone condition and improve quality of life.

Learn how genetic testing improves diagnosis and treatment plans for your child.

Image Gently (Minimizing Radiation)

The Stone Center makes every effort to minimize how much radiation children receive. We are part of an Image Gently initiative, encouraging the use of methods that reduce radiation dose during pediatric medical imaging exams. This is especially important for children with stone disease, who may require frequent radiology testing during their lifetime.

Leading The Way with Research

Cincinnati Children’s houses one of the oldest and largest genetic counseling graduate programs in the United States. Our human genetics specialists engage in sophisticated research to find new and more effective treatments.

The team has developed a panel of genetic tests specifically looking for hereditary stone-forming conditions.

Innovative Treatments

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve treatments and outcomes. For example, researchers at the Stone Center are currently studying the use of medications that help the body to expel a ureteral stone on its own, without the need for surgery.

Conditions Treated

There are four types of urinary (kidney) tract stones:

  • Calcium
  • Cystine
  • Uric acid
  • Struvite

Learn more about these types of stones.

The Stone Center treats all types of pediatric stone conditions including:

  • Hypercalciuria
  • Hypocitraturia
  • Cystinuria

Learn more about these conditions.