Support and Resources

A single patient isn’t diagnosed with HLH − an entire family is. For those who have faced it, they will tell you that battling this disorder is a long and difficult journey.

The HLH Center of Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s is committed to family-centered care and providing all the resources a family needs to help them on their journey.

From educational information on life before, during and after a BMT to support groups that help families cope with HLH, the center will prepare families for what lies ahead. The HLH Center of Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s will be a place of comfort from a group that understands their needs.

HLH Success Stories

Brantley’s Story

Learn about Brantley’s struggle with HLH and how he defied the odds with help from his bone marrow donor.

Hannah's Story

When Hannah woke up with blood on her face, bruising and purple and red blotches all over her body, her mother knew something was wrong and took her to the ER immediately. A week later, Hannah was diagnosed with HLH.

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Miabelle's Story

Miabelle Gillier was diagnosed with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) the day before her first birthday in February 2011. Her family traveled to Cincinnati Children’s from their home in New Jersey for treatment.

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Sean's Story

Sean Feltoe was diagnosed with HLH as a teenager and received life-saving treatment at Cincinnati Children’s. Four years later, he embarked on a cross-continent road trip honoring his experience with HLH and raising awareness of the disease.

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Parent Testimonials

Read testimonials from parents of children who were treated in the HLH Center of Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s.

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